I Will

Originally performed by: Radiohead

* Played live (in full) 17 times. [WHERE/WHEN?]
* Teased live 0 times.

* Earliest setlist position: #4

* Latest setlist position: #21

* Average position in setlist: #10

Earliest listed performance:
Monday, 07/22/2002
Coliseu dos Recreios
Lisboa - Portugal
Most recent listed performance:
Wednesday, 12/03/2003
The Point Theatre
Co. Dublin - Ireland

Normal live lead-ups to this song:

- Sail To The Moon (12%)
- Everything In Its Right Place (12%)
- Paranoid Android (12%)
- Kid A (12%)
- We Suck Young Blood (6%)
- No Surprises (6%)
- Where I End and You Begin (6%)

Normal follow-ups to this song:

- Sit Down. Stand Up. (18%)
- Myxomatosis (18%)
- I Might Be Wrong (18%)
- Sail To The Moon (6%)
- There There (6%)
- Up on the Ladder (6%)
- No Surprises (6%)

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Hail to the Thief

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