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Irving Plaza
Monday, June 09, 1997

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This was the first Radiohead show I ever went to, and while it was not their best performance it remains my favorite. My friends and I had all bought tickets to the second day of the Tibetan Freedom Festival, only to find that Radiohead had switched their schedule and played on Saturday. Then Radiohead announced this impromptu show at Irving Plaza and we somehow got tickets. Of note from the performance was Thom coming out for a solo acoustic version of Thinking About You and forgetting the words...twice. Also, my friends had earlier that day been arguing about the meaning of that Verve Pipe song, "Freshman"; we were standing in the audience, with Marilyn Manson to out right,. Michael Stipe to our left, and Bono on the deck above us, when my friend turned around and saw...Brian Vander Ark,the lead singer of Verve Pipe. He and my other friend nearly missed the whole show as they asked him about what the song really meant. While Radiohead still had their greatest work ahead of them, this was at the time the greatest concert I had ever been to, and remains one of the most memorable.

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