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Coors Amphitheatre

Venue currently known as Cricket Wireless AmphitheatreSunday, September 28, 2003
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Just plain AMAZING.

submitted by: rad
1:49 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I showed up 25 fucking hours early to save my spot and it was worth it. Front row dead center, the show was so intense i started to cry. Then the crying turned into sobbing. what more to say!

submitted by: James
1:57 PM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, September 30, 2003 bout the "jittering johnny" on Go To Sleep? Back from the lawn I was always struggling to figure out who was doing what (especially since, god bless 'em, Radiohead don't appear to use backing tracks and the like) but I have to assume one of their sound crew was performing the live manipulation there. It was an awesome deconstruction of the cock-rock guitar solo!

submitted by: DE
11:20 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Yeah, that bass on Myxomatosis...I was up on the lawn where row #258ZZ would be. The bass reverberated and backfired on the wall at the top of the hill to the point you would've sworn there was a tank battalion ready to break through. Hey guys...don't take another 7 1/2 years to return to San Diego.

submitted by: Bill
6:44 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, September 29, 2003

ohhh my. well friday night at the hollywood bowl was the first time i saw radiohead live. it was amazing . however i must say that last nigh in san diego was more intimate. thom was more animated and into the crowd. the bass sounded sooo good. and the volume was perfect. it was one of those experiences that are difficult to describe but ohh every time i reflect i get the chills and smile. i was on the lawn way in the back but it did not make the slightest difference i really liked that area. i had a view of the stage and could see thom dancing around. and his performance of you and whos army was great he looked into the camera and made gestures throughout the song. myxomatosis was incredible. ooh and how to dissapear completely was breathtaking. ahhh happiness radiohead.

submitted by: zela
1:58 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, September 29, 2003

the pit experience in this show was just absolutely fucking mindblowing, amazing, no words to describe it... by far the BEST show of my life.... it feels as if all the other shows I've been were just watching a TV... just when Thom sang BECAUSE... YOU'VE NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION... evryone exploded jumping a meter high, that second I realized that was it, one of the the best moments in my life... pyramid song, JUST..., Talk show host, You and whose army, How to disappear, pyramid song, kid a... no words....

submitted by: Daniel
10:34 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, September 29, 2003

I managed to make it to all 4 cali shows and this was BY FAR the best! it didn't hurt at all that we were in the pit right in front of ed! we took paper and a marker and made little signs for him and p.s. in the end it worked -- we had a sign that read "ed please give us your setlist" and after right before he walked of stage he told one of the stage hands to give us the setlist! although i was dreading the end of the night, we drove back to L.A. clutching our, now, most prized possesions: Ed AND Thom's setlists!!! ...nice dream....

submitted by: michelle
5:57 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, September 29, 2003

Ohhh...what a brilliant performance. Last night's show was the cherry popper for me in terms of Radiohead performances. (I guess this is one of the very few times in human history where losing one's virginity is actually a great experience. ) I was in section 201 but the sound was REALLY great. The bass in Myxomatosis was so penetrating I could feel it pass through my bones. However, by far my favorite part of the show was when Thom was sitting ever so playfully in front of the piano-mounted camera and goading the crowd by making funny faces and hamming it up...oh Thom!

submitted by: Maya
5:14 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, September 29, 2003

So tired right now. Drove from LA for this show and Im so glad we did. Fist time seeing the band and I cannot imagine they could ever sound or perferm better. The music, sounds and visual elements combined to completely permiate my body and mind.

submitted by: Mark
10:53 PM [US Pacific time], Sunday, September 28, 2003

Ohhhhh Radiohead. If you can count on one band for consistently providing an excellent show, it's this band. I saw the Friday show at the Hollywood Bowl, and I have to say that in several *very* important areas, San Diego came out the winner, for once. The sound was much better tonight, especially the dynamics. The highs and lows felt very compressed on Friday in Hollywood, but at Coors, ironically, there was a much wider range of volume, velocity and intensity of music. I think Myxomatosis is probably about the best live song they have, and I was sooooo glad they banged it out tonight. And closing the first encore with "How To Disappear..." was genius. Talk Show Host is also a dark horse favorite for me... never a song I think of as a favorite track until I hear it and then I think, "Oh yeah, that's one of their best songs, to be sure..." Cheers, -m

submitted by: mediaassassin
10:06 PM [US Pacific time], Sunday, September 28, 2003

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