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Bank Of America Pavilion
Sunday, June 04, 2006
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This was my third Radiohead show (first two were '98/Radio City Music Hall and '00 Roseland). This was a very tight show, the band was totally in tune with each other. I was really impressed with all the new songs. I thought the set list was fantastic, I wished they had played Electioneering, but you can't have it all.

submitted by: serena
1:51 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, June 12, 2006

I also popped my Radiohead cherry this night and I seriously got a high from the experience of the show itself. I was just outside of the Pavillion "tent" so I could first see the sun finish setting behind them, then I could see the stars all around them when it cleared up. The sound system was better than any show I've been to. The new songs are very cool, less abstract, totally radiohead, and very creative. The setlist didnt have most of my favorites, but its impossible for them to play a bad setlist. Bands play a survey of all albums for a reason: different people like different stuff, and some wanna hear it all, and Radiohead didnt do this. It was 90% (estimate) new/OK Computer/Kid A. It was still incredible, and besides that part, pretty much perfect.

submitted by: Jmo
5:07 AM [US Pacific time], Thursday, June 08, 2006

Third time seeing em and third time having my mind blown. So good. And this doesn't go any further... I nearly cried when I heard the first song from the new album.

submitted by:
5:22 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, June 05, 2006

This show was another great performance; however I would like to see Radiohead play all their music when touring. A treasured show is one that leaves the fans in awe that they played "that" song. I would have always wanted to see them play Banana Co, Citizen Insane, Let Down, Fake Plastic Trees, Killer Cars, Gagging Order, Maquiladora, A Reminder, Palo Alto and Meeting in the Aisle. I am sure they pick the songs as most bands do - what is most crowd pleasing. Consequently, what do long time fans who have amassed a behemoth collection of rarities and b-sides do with so much music left to be seen performed? Most bandwagon pop dolls have neither a clue nor inclination to their existence would believe a song is a song as long as everyone knows the words to sing it next to their 23oz beer and high-fives with stamped Barbie baskets of joy. The Show was great, but the set list does leave much to be desired - beautiful performance as well as a phenomenal sound system.

submitted by: JTW
1:14 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, June 05, 2006

my Radiohead cherry was busted last proper fashion. those guys put on an incredible show. easily one of the best shows I have seen in my years of live music appreciation. very impressed

submitted by: murray
4:11 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, June 05, 2006

Excellent showcase for Radiohead's new material: the next album is shaping up to be a straightforward rock 'n' roll romp. The final encore featuring fan favorites "My Iron Lung" and "Karma Police" will go down in history as one of Radiohead's finest moments. Thome was convivial and cheeky throughout the concert, and the band was in rare form. Bravo.

submitted by: Bernard
8:47 PM [US Pacific time], Sunday, June 04, 2006

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