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Madison Square Garden
Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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I didn't start liking Radiohead until my ninth grade year and four years have gone by and I still live off of kid a and hail to the thief. Kid A was played almost in its entirety in the concert which was a plus but I could have done with more upbeat hail to the thief or even paranoid android instead of all slow stuff. Besides this, the show was spectacular and Thom is a genius. Best show i'v ever been to and I didn't even hear most of my favorites.

submitted by: JasonAaronKatz
7:10 AM [US Pacific time], Sunday, June 18, 2006

I went to see RadioHead for the first time with my 14 year old son on 13-JUN-06 at Madison Square Garden (Theatre at). I've been a big fan for many years now however the only exposure I ever had of the band live was on the 1994 RadioHead Live DVD. The big change that I seen was how much more mellow they are these days in concert (Along with the band having totally different hairdos). They opened and closed their set with slow songs. Compared to the video performance of Ed O'Brien in 1994, he has mellowed on stage over 1000% Although I like to hear new music, it was hard to get into songs that I have never heard before along with the fact that they did approximately 8 new songs! Most bands relase their new CD first and then tour. RadioHead does everything in reverse. I always find it better when I get the chance to actually hear a song a few times prior to hearing it live for the first time. There is soemthing about music that seems to be enjoyed better when you know a little about the song. Don't get me wrong, the show was fabulous, I just wish the songs would have been more upbeat! I mean how does a band get away without playing such songs as Creep for the entire tour so far and the night we seen them they didn't play Karma Police or Parinoid Android (Granted they played Fade Out and Fake Plastic Trees instead). RadioHead breaks all the rules of performance in my opinion. My son told me after the show it was the best concert he has ever seen and he has seen many for his young age! I'm very proud of him for liking such a great, creative band like RadioHead! I must give RadioHead credit however for playing a new unique setlist every night! Unlike most artists these days who pretty much stick with the same 14 songs night after night throwing the audience maybe one bone a night of a new song.

submitted by: Evan
3:59 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I was pleasantly surprised by The Black Keys. I didn't expect them at all, and I was really diggin their sound. I spent alot of tickets and every penny was worth it because I knew that the point of them playing a smaller venue like this was to test out the new material. They had a couple false starts (ie. "Idioteque" and one of the new songs). I was blown away by "Arpeggi" and "House of Cards". They did manage to play some of the classics, but they definitely had a good dose of new material. I'm really looking forward to the new album. I'm just happoy yhey played "How To Disappear" one more time. Another great show.

submitted by: Tone.
7:08 AM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the show finally came... nothing in this little box of letters could explain... i just dont know how they do it. kidA, lucky, the bends... and then they dissappeared completely... the cronies in the pit (us) surely waited a while... but it was all beyond the worth... you just dont see concerts like this anymore. and they did it again...

submitted by: Noah B.
6:27 PM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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