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Great Stage Park
Saturday, June 17, 2006
Encore 1
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As the sun set behind the hundred foot long Bonnaroo sign, rays of light glinted off Johnny Greenwood’s guitar pickups. O’Brien’s rolling bass line resonated in my chest, these arpeggios sent Radiohead gliding into their second encore; the first time the vast majority of us would ever hear the song House Of Cards. Thousands upon thousands of glow sticks luminesce faintly against the pastel sky, tossed hundreds of feet in the air, bouncing across the sea of hands and heads. A couple of the neon colored oddities landed next to me and I bent down to pick them up. Below, a forest legs expanded as far as the eye can see. The ground was littered with trash and scraps from the day spent camping in front of the main stage. Elvis Costello and Beck were magnificent company, more than enough to keep me entertained through nine hours baking to a crisp in the Tennessee sun. We had arrived at the stage at noon, right after the gates had been opened, just missing the mad dash of super-fans for front row. Seeing no point, we were comfortable showing up two hours later and getting some sleep. Instead of sprinting, we casually walked up to the front of the stage to get the pleasure of right behind front row. After I gathered together a pile of the red, green, blue, and purple plastic neon, I handed them out to my friends. We took turns tossing them backwards, watching them disappear out of sight into eighty thousand sweaty bodies glistening in dying light. Tom Yorke sang like a violin into the microphone as the band lightly bumped along behind him. I looked back over the crowd swaying gently in the summer breeze. The smells of sweat and pot wafted through the sweet Tennessee air. My feet ached and my knees throbbed as I tried to stretch a little higher to get a better view, until I stopped and realize that being seven people back from the stage in a crowd this size, it wouldn’t get much better than this. The stars just begin to appear above in the navy blue when the final chords of House Of Cards shimmered into the most beautiful night of my life.

submitted by: P. C. Allen
9:20 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Greatest show, performance, night of my life. Words can't describe what Radiohead did that night. Absolutely mind blowing. This was my first time to see them play live and it blew away every single high expectation that I had for them. After 2 and a half hours of playing I wanted them to do it all over again. I was speechless afterwards. I am desperately waiting for lp7 and their next tour.

submitted by: Brett
5:06 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, February 23, 2007

This popped my Radiohead Cherry. I'd listened to them a bit before and always enjoyed their music, but I was anticipating Beck, Lesh, and Oysterhead much more. What a fool I was. Radiohead only played the most amazing performance I've ever seen. EVER. I say with one hundred percent honesty that it was withtin the top best five things of ALL TIME. I perhaps took a more negative view of things afterward, as it wasn't "Now I can die happy," but rather something along the lines of "You might as well kill me now, because it won't get any better in my lifetime than this show. Maybe I'm not doing this sex thing right, but this show was better than 90% of the sex I've had, not that that's an exorbitant amount or anything. On another note, hallucinogenics aren't a must-have, but they do make it about a million times beeter, if that's even possible. At a certain point in the show, me and my friends felt like it was winding down, so I asked what time it was. My buddy looked at his watch and said to me in a grave tone, "Dude, we still have two more hours of sheduled Radiohead," at which point we all broke down in to fits of euphoric giggles. Even after all this, words can't come close. Get to a Radiohead show. Now.

submitted by: Jake
4:18 AM [US Pacific time], Thursday, July 06, 2006

amazing visuals, very very satisfying setlist, great opening & great closing as far as leaving a significant mark on audiences' memories. for this show, i personally had to wait at the stage security bars from 7am till 11:30am, then i had to run a football field size arena to get a decent spot and once i got that, i had to [for the most part] stand there for 9 hours straight under the burning sun... but it was worth every fucking minute of it. at the end of the show i turned to my friend and said "i think i can die in peace now". i really can.

submitted by: aida
9:19 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, June 19, 2006

this show was the best i have ever been to. it even topped 311 day which 311 is like my favorite band. but if you ever get the chance to see radiohead. do it. hallucinogenics weren't a bad idea either... it was definately a trip i'll remember...

submitted by: Logan Sullivan
10:26 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, June 19, 2006

Bonnaroo radiohead setlist 1. there there 2. 2+2=5 3. 15 step 4. arpeggi 5. exit music 6. kid a 7. dollars & cents 8. videotape 9. no surprises 10. paranoid arndroid 11. the gloaming 12. national anthem 13. climbing up the walls 14. big idea 15. street spirit 16. the bends 17. myxomytosis 18. how to disappear completely encore 1 1. you and whose army 2. pyramid song 3. spinning plates 4. fake plastic trees 5. body snatchers 6. lucky 7. idioteque 8. karma police encore 2 1. house of cards 2. everything in it’s right place Great show with energy out the arse! Even the new songs were well recived by the crowd (80,000 blokes strong)!

submitted by: Jay Dogg
6:21 AM [US Pacific time], Sunday, June 18, 2006

Excellent show and performance. Very tender, actually. Two really tame encores ending the night with "Everything In It's Right Place". Notable items left on the plate that would have played well to the 100k+ (mostly southern) crowd: My Iron Lung, High & Dry, True Love Waits, I Might Be Wrong...

submitted by: Al Frazier
6:15 AM [US Pacific time], Sunday, June 18, 2006

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