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Monday, December 01, 2003
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This was my first Radiohead gig ever - I'm a recent convert thanks to my 2 daughters (I'm so proud they have developed such intelligent musical tastes!). At 46 I thought I was going to feel old, but just felt the thrill of being among like minded people, all part of the same 'club'. Our first excitement was seeing Ed stage left while ADF were on. I was mesmerised by the stage crew methodically tuning all the Radiohead guitars - they obviously don't use pitch pipes any more! Anyway on THEY came, and the noise lifted the roof of the AECC. Thom said 'Aberdeen' and it was sampled into The Gloaming and off we went. There's no need to go through the set list, but my own 'moments' were hearing Thom tell the crowd at the front not to push or they'd get chucked out, the hairs on the back of my neck rising when Lucky was played (especially when 'pull me ...out' crescendoes making the sound form a starburst round my head - anyone understand that?!), the delight of the crowd when the prodigal Creep was played,the wonderful lighting effects, the beauty and poignancy of Exit Music, Paranoid Android - one of my favourites, Ed conducting the slow clap for We Suck Young Blood, and all the electronic wizardry for Everything in its Right Place with FOREVER in lights going on, well, forever. This is May and I still get a buzz thinking about it, and I'm so envious of those of you out there who have known Radiohead for years! I'd like to thank Radiohead for coming to Aberdeen - we still don't get our fair share of big name bands up here and it is so much appreciated. I'm full of admiration for every band member, and appreciate the work which must go into these shows. Thanks guys - you've made a middle aged (but young at heart) mum extremely happy!!

submitted by: Suse
4:00 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Brilliant gig Radiohead are definatly one of the best bands in the world, not too sure about the set list tho Just was definatly played

submitted by: dave
10:08 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, December 03, 2003

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