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The Point Theatre
Thursday, December 04, 2003
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Radiohead's second night at the Point was amazing! We arrived just as Asian Dub Foundation were leaving the stage and found room along the rail just to the right of Jonny. This was a vast improvement over the 1st night where we crushed in the front and my wife couldn't see over the two drunk Scotsmen in front of us. We were both really hoping for something special after, quite honestly, being pretty disappointed the night before. For the first night the crowd control was horrendous, the sound was very spotty-all we could hear was everyone else singing along, and the setlist was fairly straightfoward-with "I will", "No surprizes", "Scatterbrain", "My Iron Lung" & "HTDC" being notable exceptions. Anyway, back to the second night. We had a perfect view along the rail. I'm pretty sure Jonny saw our "True Love Waits" sign but I'm not so sure about Thom. When the drums weren't set out for the first song I was guessing "The Gloaming" would be the opener. When they started into 2+2 the crowd went crazy. Thom seemed in an excellent mood as did the rest of the band and we heard a truly amazing setlist. Highlights for me were another stirring version of "Exit Music"-the audience was remarkably quiet,"The Bends" Thom began it by saying something like "Oh cool, we're doing this one next", "Creep" of course we weren't expecting this one and it was really great to watch Thom and the rest of the band have fun with it, "Wolf at the door"-one of our favorites from the new album and Thom came out as far as he could go on stage and really snarled out the words, & "Big Ideas" what a wonderful surprize. Most everyone in the crowd didn't know what it was so it was so what we all heard was just Thom and his guitar filling up the silence with a spectacular song. After Thom finished, Ed, Colin & Jonny all came over to, it seemed, congratulate him on the excellent version of the song. I would have too, it was stunning-in the good way. Another amusing thing about the show was that at one point someone threw what looked to be a bible up on stage. Thom picked it up and said "I'll give you 3 guesses at what that is". Also, I saw some bras being thrown onto the stage towards the end of the show-very funny and unexpected! All in all this show was an excellent closer for this year. Thom was very chatty talking about the woeful state of the record industry before launching into "We suck young blood", thanking his crew for all the hard work they've done throughout the tour, and saying before "HTDC" "Dublin, I suppose now this song officially belongs to you". The rest of the band seemed in great spirits and once again, seeing this show reminded me why Radiohead, on a good night, can be a truly life-altering experience. It's not hyperbole.

submitted by: Oliver
1:12 AM [US Pacific time], Saturday, January 10, 2004

I've just seen a forever band on top of their game. I feel privalged.

submitted by: Murph
3:41 PM [US Pacific time], Saturday, December 06, 2003

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