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USANA Amphitheatre
Thursday, August 28, 2003
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The hit opener, "There There" with Ed and Johnny forcefully drumming together was bone-rattling, so exciting and an appropriate precursor for the night to come! Throughout the show Thom was in rare form, animated, dancing all over the stage, grinning at the audience and sometimes jokingly speaking with a high voice in German, exchanging mischievous smiles with Ed. Playing to the camera propped on his piano for the daring "You and Whose Army", leading the pit in the soaring "Fake Plastic Trees", clear-voiced and serious "Scatterbrain", Johnny's mad scientist guitar manipulation in "Go To Sleep", Phil full-faced smiles at the crowd and Colin dancing and mouthing the words. A day off before a show makes a difference, we reaped the according rewards: crystal, rich, soaring vocals, enthused band members, electrifying song choices, driving beats that mesmorize, vocal harmonies that make you feel everything that's right and wrong with yourself at the same time-"Everything In It's right Place" was more than expected, a brilliant closer and a proper announcement. THE most amazing show... the sentiment echoed by thousands of fans shaking their heads and faces frozen in smiles to have seen and heard the matchless Radiohead, tear up their set in the most unlikely place of all...

submitted by: Emily Nisbet
11:28 PM [US Pacific time], Thursday, August 28, 2003

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