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The only Radiohead show I've ever been to, and it was great. Kid A is amazing live, and I Might Be Wrong was a welcome surprise. Great set.

submitted by: tcaporale
12:37 PM [US Pacific time], Saturday, March 28, 2009

This was my first Radiohead show, and it was an emotionally moving and overall mind-blowing experience. They put incredible love and energy into each song, the list of which was nicely filled out, with some surprises. Videotape, Weird Fishes, and 15 Step were fantastic, as were Idioteque, The National Anthem, Exit Music, Cymbal Rush, and I Might Be Wrong (nice surprise there). For me, the highlight of the night was How To Disappear Completely. The string outro that was played for whole minutes after the song ended was one of the most eerie pieces of music I've ever heard live. I would've loved Fake Plastic Trees, My Iron Lung, or Street Spirit somewhere in the mix, but then again, you need something to root for next time you see a band like Radiohead in concert.

submitted by: milos57
9:11 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, September 22, 2008

Yeah! they totally started out with "Dr Baker" by the Betas. I love that song, I love that band, wish they hadn't broken up... Regardless, this show was flippin' mind blowing.

submitted by: a weird fish
10:31 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, August 18, 2008

Did anyone here pick up on the intro to Everything in its Right Place? I think it was Dr. Baker by the Beta Band, which is interesting because they opened for Radiohead 7 or so years ago when I saw them play Wonderland.

submitted by: Soup
2:32 PM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 16, 2008

i was completely blown away by this performance. The trippy futuristic sounds right before they walked on stage got everyone hyped and ready to see them. I'm surprised no one has said anything about that yet I thought that was a nice small touch. Reckoner was a great opener, the light show was amazing. Every song from In Rainbows was played, house of cards was amazing. Their sound was just perfect. I will definitely see them again without a question.

submitted by: talkingtoomuch
12:11 PM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 16, 2008

To the six (three guys/three gals) inconsiderate hippies strung out on X, with your red day glo wrist bands, constant smoking, dancing and throwing yourself into other people with no regard for ANYONE around you...even you could not ruin my first (and transcendent!) show with Radiohead. You kept telling me and my friends to mellow out...well, in my late 30s, I was there for the music, not the if you read this, if you need mind altering chems to heighten the show for you, you're not the fans you claimed to be! Enough negativity, down off my soapbox! Sound and lights were the best I've seen, and this first timer was blown away by selections from Kid A, and Idioteque remains surreal!!! Can't wait for number two! Peace, and remember your neighbors next time you're at a show!!!! Be considerate!

submitted by: BDub
12:28 PM [US Pacific time], Friday, August 15, 2008

I agree with that. The songs from Kid A sounded absolutely amazing. And while Jigsaw is my favorite of In Rainbows, I was a little disappointed with how it sounded. O well, not complaining. So many other moments completely knocked me on my ass. Wolf at the door? holy wow, that was amazing.

submitted by: TomD
8:28 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, August 15, 2008

Was my first time seeing Radiohead live and i definitely was not disappointed --well maybe a little bit. The band was great and the songs were performed awesome. I just wish they had played more songs off of OK Computer (namely Let Down or Lucky), but three were enough. The only gripe I have is that I didn't buy better seats. Being on the lawn and having to stand the whole time puts a toll on your back, and then during Exit Music some annoying drunk chick keep screaming right next to my ear (watcha gonna do?). Anyways it was a great performance, light show was amazing.

submitted by: whoskennybunker?
7:08 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, August 15, 2008

It was interesting to see how each album sounded live. I was amazed by how great KID A sounded, Idoteque was incredable live. Paranoid Android aswell sounded incredible acompanied by the Blurry rainbow lights. I was disapointed to hear jigsaw and bodysnatchers a little less crisp than the older tracks, I guess they get better with time?

submitted by: Sam
2:59 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, August 15, 2008

thank you for mentioning I Migt Be Wrong, what the hell, i would've loved to see it too. SOMEBODY put some damn videos up already!

submitted by: Semmy
11:56 AM [US Pacific time], Thursday, August 14, 2008

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