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Bank Of America Pavilion
Monday, June 05, 2006
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I was at both shows as well and must say the Second blew the First away on every front. Sure the setlist was a little odd, but from FPT to Just the show was rocking. Thom sounded tight tight tight... Videotape was much better the Second night with some extra new lyrics thrown in. There there was amazing. The only song I thought was better from the first night was Kid A. Other than that, The Gloaming and 2+2=5, the Second night was WAY better! Just my opinion though! :)

submitted by: silas
4:58 AM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Great show, but I was not a fan of the start or the end. While I was hoping they would open with National Anthem, 2+2, or Everything in its Right Place I got Climbing up the Walls, which happens to be a good song, but a little too obscure to open with. Then while I was hoping it would lead into one of the songs I thought they would open with they go into two of the ten new songs. This was fine though because the whole show was awesome, and I figured they would go out with a bang. I figured the second encore would obviously be some combo of Karma Police, Paranoid Android, 2+2, or National Anthem but they just never came. The show ended on a slow note with The Tourist, and the second encore was way too anti-climactic.

submitted by: A Carni
6:01 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ok, but you got CLIMING UP THE WALLS, as an opener no less! just, fake plastic trees.. come on, this is a good one!

submitted by: matt
5:29 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I saw the setlist for the first Boston show and was impressed. I can't say the same for the second Boston show. It was an experience to say the least though. Best lighted show around by far. The strobe on Planet Telex was sick. There There and Everything in its Right Place were highlights of the night. Wish I could have saw Lucky, National Anthem, Airbag, Karma Police.....atleast one! Give me 2+2=5 atleast. People who went Sunday got spoiled. I don't even get Paranoid Android.

submitted by: MackEliot
4:05 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, June 06, 2006

CUTW, Morning Bell, Knives Out, LSP, The Tourist..Really a nice set of a lot of "rare" stuff. If you went to both nights you got a nice selection of the old stuff. The sound seemed a little better, but the set was possibly 20 mins and 2 songs shorter than the previous night. Still no new 'new' songs for North America.

submitted by: zaydon
5:51 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, June 05, 2006

some of the listings not quite right. i was banged up, but i know they played 'morning bell'. overall, it was my first radiohead experience...but it was just experience...great show...visually engaging, symphonic sound...loved the new stuff...i'm a convert for life.

submitted by: ananda
5:24 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, June 05, 2006

I was at both Boston Shows. I must say, the second show left me with that great 'wow' feeling, the first did not. The set was better (if shorter), though, from the first song i felt that Thom's voice was a bit tired in this show. All in all, this set made the show truly memorable. The band played great, and Thom (slightly tired voice and all) sounded amazing.

submitted by: Gahbrone
4:59 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, June 05, 2006

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