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Outside Lands Festival
Friday, August 22, 2008
Encore 1

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Thanks for this list! Pinged right off the top of Google, as poined out below! Had to work on Friday, so getting there sucked (via Caltrain, BART, and cabbed it for $20 to Sunset and Judah), and getting home took 3 hours, literally (more on that below) Despite the two sound outages, which did suck in a major way, the sound from 30 yards directly behind a PA wasn't too bad, and better the further you moved away to get the front stage mix back far enough. But hey, its a big field... what did y'all expect? GREAT set, if i was to hand pick em, as if it were a playlist, well... most of those songs ARE on my playlist, so it was great to hear, w/ some nice sneaky choices in there (never bought their latest album) This is the first time I've been able to see Radiohead, easily one of my favorite bands of all time, so I was of course biased. I had a great time, and everyone around seemed to be also. Ended up walking from the SW entrance tunnel to 34th and Judah, ostensibly to catch MUNI. We left right at the end of "Everything in its right place" so we figured to have half a chance... right? Wrong. We hoofed to the nearest bar, to see if they had the same experience on my phone trying to call a cab... uhhh, no such luck...haha. So next we end up walking all the way to 19th and Ortega before finally finding a cab - all other MUNI were completely packed. I think some folks prolly endup up walking much further. But hey, I finally got to see Radiohead, so ALL is good. =)

submitted by: Richard
12:36 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, August 25, 2008

This was my first time seeing Radiohead and I'd have to say it was nothing short of great. The sound cutting out twice might've caused a bit of a grumble amongst the crowd, but one minute of sound problems is such a miniscule issue when the rest of the concert was top notch. It was pretty hilarious when Thom started laughing and banging the piano after Jonny messed up on You and Whose Army?, but as far as the performance, everything was fine except for The National Anthem as Colin started off the bass riff a bit fast. Just small things, nothing really major. Solid set list as well, although I wish they would've included Planet Telex, The Bends, or No Surprises instead of The Gloaming and You and Whose Army?. However, there were some definite highlights including Karma Police (probably the biggest sing-a-long), Paranoid Android, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, Just, and Fake Plastic Trees. Visually, the light show and video shots were excellent, adding a lot of excitement and energy to the crowd , especially during the slower songs. It doesn't get any better than bright, flashing flourescent lights at night. With Outside Lands being my first festival, I was quite impressed with what they did and how it was organized considering this year is the inaugural festival.

submitted by: AD
4:34 PM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 23, 2008

was hoping for a show to best the one at bonnaroo in 2006 but it was not to be. radiohead were typically amazing, but the constrained set time (8-10 pm and no leeway) and the absolutely UNFORGIVABLE PA dropouts (more than 30 seconds each time.. i'd put it closer to a minute at least) conspired against them. still, this band is just incredible live... their worst performance blows doors on most bands any way you cut it.

submitted by: litmus
12:42 PM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 23, 2008

Maddog, you're probably talking about "Talk Show Host", which was the b-side to "Street Spirit" long ago. Yes it was a thrill hearing that one live!

submitted by: Mariel
12:00 PM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 23, 2008

An ok show by Radiohead is better than a flawless set by the majority of bands out there. But lack of cell coverage, dangerous bottlenecks, poor crowd control, and worst of all bad sound were unacceptable. Despite all that the music was still sublime. Lots of brilliant moments but I must say, this "Everything in Its Right Place" was the most powerful I have experienced yet. Video was disappointing. Were there technical issues with that too or was it deliberately nonexistent for long periods? As you said, camera angles were odd; however, video show in Indiana was excellent and there you could get a great look at everything onstage onscreen, so clearly the weirdness here was due to lack of time for optimal set-up and not due to, say, a camera operator having a fixation on Jonny Greenwood's ear lobe. Hollywood Bowl is going to blow this away.

submitted by: Mariel
11:58 AM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 23, 2008

amazing set by radiohead. fucking amatuer festival. no cell reception, huge lines for EVERYTHING, horrid public transportation...c'mon people.... we're paying 90+ dollars, and the PA cuts out for over a minute during your headliner....TWICE!!! and why would you cram beck and the black keys into the same slots?!?!? it's obvious that those 2 bands have many crossover fans, so why do that? i felt like i was robbed. and to ruin "all i need"!?! that's blasphemous.... really. if it weren't for RH being great (especially talk show host....that was heaven), and the lights, it'd would've been a total loss. i was one of the 40,000+ people over a hundred yards back, who couldn't see anything, and couldn't hear worth a shit. i bought my 3-day pass the day it went on sale thru, and i feel robbed cuz they oversold friday's show. low ticket sales due to the weaker lineup on sat. and sun. forced them to try to get the money from the friday fans....who got denied either black keys or beck, or both. learn from coachella, bitches.

submitted by: Cole
9:19 AM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 23, 2008

An OK show by Radiohead, but no comparison to the Greek Theatre shows. The set list was also just OK. Radiohead still are the best band out there, and their live show still makes everyone else seem to be fakirs. If you've never seen them before, this show would have blown your mind. Welcome to Radiohead live! Just consider: it can be much, much better... The crowd-control issues at the venue were pretty lousy, as per Another Planet. Just like at the Treasure Island Fest, getting out of the place was a nightmare, with no buses, taxis or other modes of transport available except for a lucky 10% of the crowd. The rest spread out through the surrounding neighborhoods. Also, there were insane lines inside the venue for whatever it is you would want. And if there is a bigger 'nightmare scenario' for a promoter then the sound cutting out (twice) on your headliner (and Radiohead at that), then it only involves death and riots. Finally, for such a large venue, there needed to be another set of video monitors, besides those on the stage, and another set of main speakers. for the 25k+ folks not packd like sardines in a crushed tin box up front, the sound was fuzzy and the video screens distant.

submitted by: ekg
5:57 AM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 23, 2008

great show, bad festival, amateur sound (not radiohead's soundman's fault, the mix was spectacular) the stage was so low I could barely see the top of their heads, and I was in VIP! Brian, I believe it was Idioteque that Thom said "faster Jonny". Great website! I just googled "radiohead set list" and you were on the top. AT&T and Promoter should be ashamed of themselves. Horrible cell/data service Very poor setup, too much bottlenecking, not enough staff, poor production quality. I had to leave Beck half way thru just to get to RH. I love black mntn and black keys but couldn't see them b/c the schedule was too tight and it was impossible to get around. There was one song I didn't recognize that was really good. I don't think it's on any of their albums, so it must be new, anyone?

submitted by: Maddog9
3:40 AM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tonight's show live up to my expectations, first time seeing Radiohead and they made me lose where I was and almost missed my train... Great show, suck the audio cut out but Thom said "sorry about the audio"

submitted by: Geno
12:17 AM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 23, 2008


submitted by: JAHWA!!!!
9:20 PM [US Pacific time], Friday, August 22, 2008

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