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Tower Theater
Thursday, June 01, 2006
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Traveled from New York after work thinking there might be scalpers at the event. Went with a girl friend. We get there, no scalpers. We sneak in through the smoking doors. Get seats way in the front after the opening act. Lights go down and we're in store for an awesome show. Shattered glass LCD display makes Thom look very crazy as he's projected on the monitors for the first song, You and Whose Army. He's real close to the camera because he's sitting at the piano. The Philadelphia crowd around us are a bit stiff. We'd been drinking on the train from New York, so we have a good time anyways. They play 15 step and it's really awesome. Crazy beat I was wondering how he would sing to it, but he manages to sing in a cool way. They play nude and I hadn't heard them ever play it live and thought they gave up on that song so very pleasantly surprised. House of cards is great and so is 4 minute warning. I have no clue how 4 minute warning goes anymore but I'm looking forward to it being released on their next album. At one point, Thom is singing and sitting down playing the drums as Phil also plays his drums. 2 drum sets going on at the same time. Real nice. I remember dancing a lot, especially to Kid A. But not everyone else was. Girl next to us says she paid like 300 bucks or something crazy. I made sure she had a good view.

submitted by: D
9:48 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, November 13, 2006

this show was absolutely amazing!! my boyfriend and I went through some troubles getting tickets. someone created a false website and ripped us off $650 dollars for tickets. a very nice person found out about our situation and bought us tickets as a gift. soo all in all the concert for the two o us cost 1,000 and in the end it was worth it. i dont think you can put a price on the feeling good music gives you!

submitted by: christina long
8:31 AM [US Pacific time], Saturday, June 03, 2006

intensity at its fullest... nothing could have prepared us for last night. Between the older songs and the new songs... they gave us all what we search for in their music, and everyday life it seems. you could see it everyones faces, and hear it in everyones cheers... you just dont see concerts like this anymore. thom started playin exit music, the place was so silent... you could hear the actual sound from his acoustic in the balcony. the energy could have leveled Philly... and then just built it back up again... wish i was going again tonight. see you in new york...

submitted by: Noah Barker
8:57 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, June 02, 2006

Wow! Best live band around. So bummed I'm not going tonight. Anybody wanna take me?

submitted by: Goat
5:52 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, June 02, 2006

great show. seems like the band, despite some tech problems (colin's monitor levels being off most of the time, thom's guitar amp mic breaking, had a good time and made light of situations. at one point, i believe at the beginning of exit music, a crowd member shouted "shut up" to silence another memmber of the audience who was using the quiet at the beginning of the song to shout to the band, thom opened his eyes from singing and nodded in agreement to the crowd's amusement. the set was a little short, about an hour and fifteen. the encores more than made up for the not long set. during no surprises the entire audience cheered for the line about the gov't not speaking for us.

submitted by: nathaniel
9:06 PM [US Pacific time], Thursday, June 01, 2006

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