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Aerial Theatre at Bayou Place (Fish Plaza Bayou Place)

Venue currently known as Verizon Wireless TheaterSaturday, March 28, 1998

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This was my first Radiohead concert, and as is common with "firsts," the best. Looking back on this setlist, I remember very distinctly how good "Lurgee" was live, and it saddens me that I will probably never see a song from "Pablo Honey" performed live again. Ditto on "Planet Telex," which is probably one of the single best live songs I've heard *ever*. I remember how excited I was to see "Talk Show Host," and especially "Pearly," and how I was singing along with them and no one else knew what the hell they were playing. It's a very selfish act, of course, but sometimes you feel some level of satisfaction knowing that you "really are" a bigger fan than some others that are just there to see "Creep," and complain after being let down. The high points of this show were "Lucky," (the light during the chorus was amazing) "Exit Music," (I remember being saturated with red light during the finale of this), and "Pearly," (which has a more raw, edgy feeling live than it does on any album). Hell, what am I thinking, every song was the highlight of the show, but then again I'm probably biased. My only disappointment was not seeing "Let Down," my favorite song (yes, I'm aware of the irony). That's all I can think of for now.

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