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Victoria Park
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
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First time i've seen the band after listening for years. I thought this show was outstanding;the sound was the best I've heard outdoors and better than maybe any that I've heard indoors;the lights were so inventive/unique;the band looked like they were enjoying playing. They've so many good songs that you can't really moan about which 25 they play. The crowd were great, the organization pretty slick, the security seemed pretty cool. Can't fault this show and I'd go see them again anytime I could.

submitted by: rob p
10:55 AM [US Pacific time], Thursday, June 26, 2008

In Rainbows stuff worked brilliantly in pastoral setting, especially House Of Cards, Videotape, Go Slowly and what seemed to be everyone's favourite, Jigsaw Falling Into Place. As expected, Kid A stuff was ace and OK Computer stuff was a big old sing-song. Thom seemed to be in a good mood, which is the only explanation for his red trousers. One minor criticism: if he can't be bothered to sing The Bends properly, why not play something else? Otherwise excellent, albeit not as transcendentally brilliant as they were at the V Festival a coupla years ago.

submitted by: Bruno MacD
8:02 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So much better than last night (24/6/08)! The band had obviously considered what people had said about the night before lacking faster songs and really lifted up the setlist. So many hits and singalong tracks. The setlist worked really well, especially No Surprises through to Bodysnatchers. Only criticism would be that Radiohead shows are really starting to get a bit stop-start-stop-start with the instrument changes after every song, but that's only a small niggling problem.

submitted by: Pauk
2:31 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This will be my first gig since Kid A tour in a tent where I fell out with a welsh policeman in Tradegar House Newport. So loads of time has past and I am hoping for an amazing gig in london. Off to Glasto the day after, wish radiohead were playing there too. Cant wait, setlists look great from earlier in the tour so should be amazing.

submitted by: Chris Book
12:45 AM [US Pacific time], Sunday, June 08, 2008

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