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The Gorge
Saturday, June 23, 2001
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submitted by: AustinBrock
9:10 AM [US Pacific time], Sunday, August 22, 2010

I went to the show as well. I was in the front row and it was an amazing show and like everyone there..It sucks that the crowd was way to aggressive! Even Thom said it was the worst show cuz of that. But Im really trying to get a video of the show. I've been trying for years! I heard it was a webcast but they didn't want to release it. And i also heard it is on VHS.. Does anyone know if there is a video and how to go about getting it? Please.

submitted by: Ric
2:55 PM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Very interesting to hear the perspective of people in the "pit". This was my first show, and I was on the lawn. I couldn't believe the people that were just sitting around for the most part. At the beginning of Paranoid Android I ran down to the front of the lawn and danced my ass off the rest of the show. Motion Picture Soundtrack for the 3rd encore was truly something I will never forget. The Gorge is an amazing place and i wish they would go back, because White River has many many problems, but after reading about how they said it was the worst show of the tour, no wonder they play White River!?

submitted by: gratefuldan
3:08 PM [US Pacific time], Saturday, August 23, 2008

I just became a member of 58 hours and this was my first RH show, i've seen them 12 times now, i thought I'd give a couple of my recollections. First of all the Gorge Ampitheatre is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous place, its like seeing a band play behind the grand canyon. Hearing Colin's base intro on the National Anthem was truly special and unforgettable. The other comments made about the crowd are correct, they were obnoxious and violent. I was up front for a bit, but I couldn't take it, so I dropped back to be able to enjoy the show. Again, it was my first show so hearing every song the did live for the first time was pretty mind blowing. PA of course is still my fav live. To me the absolute highlight of the night was third encore, Thom and Johnny came back out and did Motion Picture Soundtrack with the harp, incredible!

submitted by: Matthew Levin
1:36 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, May 16, 2008

I completely agree with the reviewer about the crowd being very aggressive. I was hit and pushed numerous times until my wife and I decided to leave the concert before someone was injured or a major fight broke out. We were completely stunned with how violent the stage-area crowd was. I have seen Tool & Nine Inch Nails at the Gorge with NO crowd problems!? Sadly, this was a bummer. Pyramid Song was the highlight as was the encore of The Bends.

submitted by: Craig P
10:52 AM [US Pacific time], Thursday, August 24, 2006

This was my first RH show and it was not pleasant. Generally being up near the front is great but not at this show. Some jerks about halfway back on the floor thought it would be funny to push really hard and crush the crowd. People started asking security to do something about the crush, at first they were really blasé about it..."that's a concert for you" but after a while they started to get that this wasn't normal. Headbangers mosh pit it wasn't, but headbanger's mosh pits generally don't have paper thin college boys and girls not used to that kind of thing. At first security just started tossing out lots of free water into the crowd and people were good about getting it to the people who needed it most, but eventually they figured out that some people weren't going to make it. They started pulling people out of the crowd...over the bar and letting them get out. This was good...but unfortunately this just made the problem a lot worse for those who stayed. Now people were walking on other people's heads (literally...shoe in face) on top of the crowd to get up to the front so they could be pulled out...this made it worse and lots more wanted to be pulled out...etc. Meanwhile...Radiohead was pissed. Thom barely said a word the whole night and at point cut off a song, stopped the show 'cause he was so mad, then restarted it. I was having a lot of trouble paying attention to the'd be able to watch, crushed for a second, and then you'd have someone step on your face again and have to help someone out of the crowd. Then something amazing happened. The first few bars of Pyramid Song started, Thom at the piano, and at the same instant everyone in the crowd just stopped and listened. It was instantaneous. Thom's head snapped around to look in surprise and he smiled for the first time. Then he started playing with his new found control of the crowd...raising his arms up and down to encourge the crowd to cheer and then suddenly be silent. (I really hope I'm not mixing this part up with another's been a few years) The rest of the show was great. This was the night they played Reckoner, they filmed the show for a DVD, but of course since it was so bad that DVD never surfaced although a VHS version is floating around (thanks melanie!). Later in interviews Radiohead talked about how this was the worst show on the tour. I felt so bad to be apart of this crowd that irritated the band. It was great to see them, but not a good intro into the live Radiohead experience. The next time I saw the full band was Dublin Olympia 2003 where Thom's face was ecstatic at how great the crowd was. That felt better.

submitted by: adelaney
4:00 AM [US Pacific time], Sunday, May 07, 2006

I've been to a few Radiohead shows and heard dozens of bootlegs, and this is unequivocably the best performance of I Might Be Wrong I've ever heard. The pristine acoustics, coupled with it taking place at sunset can't hurt though...

submitted by: Cameron
5:15 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, November 17, 2003

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