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Sound Advice Amphitheatre

Venue currently known as Cruzan Amphitheatre (Sound Advice)Saturday, October 04, 2003
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I'd been to several shows at SoundAdvice before, and this was far and away the best of them. Radiohead hardly ever hits Florida, so the fans that were coming were all diehards, not trend followers, and the vibe in the crowd was fantastic all night. So was the vibe coming off the stage. The band ripped it up on Talk Show Host, while Lucky and Street Spirit were as good as I'd dreamed they'd be. Thom wickedly dedicated We Suck Young Blood to Clear Channel and was dancing up a storm all night. Fantastic gig. Period.

submitted by: Drew
3:07 AM [US Pacific time], Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hello, Iam Daniel and I know this is a late review, but let me just say,October 4th, was the best night of my life. I couldn't believe I was going To be seeing RADIOHEAD!!!I was very lucky, because I got my tickets on that day. But anyways, From the moment the lights dimmed, and I heard the notes for 2+2_5 I jummped up and remained on my feet danicing the whole night!!! Hilights: At the time I had not heard Kid A, so When out of nowhere the new-to-my-ears Idioteque sent chills down my spin. Especially when Jonny started the Synth Sounds. Every single song was a highlight, and every time I heard a "new" song, It was something great to experiance live first. I love Radiohead, and they are such an important impact on my Lyrics and music. I wiil never forget that night. Also, Supergrass was good, and Radiohead can always expect a full house (or at least me!!) at all their Florida Concerts. Bravo guys, Bravo.

submitted by: Daniel
2:58 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, May 03, 2004

I was nine years old when I bought my first cd: Pablo Honey....seeing Radiohead has always been a dream of mine and after nine years of being an avid lover of the music, that dream has come true. I knew the show would be amazing....and I was faced with absolutely no disappointment. I was hoping for fake Plastic Trees, but everything else on the setlist totally made up for it. Wow...when Thom York stepped on stage, I just started bauling. I knew the experience would be moving, but I didn't expect the tears....especially before they even started playing. ..but, still seems surreal....truly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life....when they started playing Kharma Police, I grabbed and hugged a complete stranger and didn't even think about it. It's been almost three weeks since the show and I'm still in awe. There was one moment in the show where I just had to stop and thank God for creating such beauty in music and in human nature, in general. If I've ever doubted heaven, the wonder and amazement I felt that night has completely obliterated it. The concert was one of the experiences of my eighteen years of existence, God is beautiful. Wow... Thank you.

submitted by: Carrie
4:15 PM [US Pacific time], Thursday, October 23, 2003

Sell your furniture if you must, just don't miss Radiohead when they come near your town for Hail to the Thief! What a show. WOW!!

submitted by: Miles
10:40 AM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I am 38 years old and have gone to concerts since i was 12 or so, and I have to rank this in my top 3 of all time!! I have seen Radiohead only once when they supported R.E.M on the Monster tour. This time they just moved me to the point of being completely numb. I can't stop thinking about it. My brother is going to see them at MSG Thursday night and I told him to be prepared for something special. I have all their music but I couldn't believe how it sounded live.

submitted by: steve
12:54 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, October 06, 2003

The show was awesome the sound was perfect the cameras were good im from venezuela and i flew from there only to see this guys performing and was great i never saw them before i loved when they gone in the first encore and came back to play karma police a great song, i loved too when they play just, lucky, airbag, idioteque, national anthem, everything in its the right place, and of course street spirit one of the most beautiful songs in the world. the new songs of the hail to the thief were very good too but the olds are best. i waited them to play knives out or fake plastic trees but the show in general was awesome thank you radiohead!

submitted by: Luis Manuel
8:28 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, October 06, 2003

This was my first experience of Radiohead live and I was elated to say the least. The footage I had seen of Thom prior to the 4th never really conveyed how playful and happy he seems on stage. I had these images of a reluctant rockstar, kinda' like the documentary portayed Thom... I was pleasantly surprised at how much joy was evident him and in the band. I really wanted to see them do "Subteranean Homesick Alien" though it's absence wasn't really disappointing as "Street Spirit" was done exceptionally well. Better than I had imagined it would be. I was also really happy to see that South Florida turned up in droves... I've wanted to see Radiohead for so long now and I'm glad that we showed them that they will always have a packed house waiting for them in FL. All in all, I am just VERY thankful for the show and their performance... it was everything I had hoped and more.

submitted by: Angel
2:20 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, October 06, 2003

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