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Saturday, June 07, 2008
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Fantastic show! This was my third Radiohead concert..Marley park in ?2006 maybe shaded this a little, in some ways, but it was bloody brilliant even so...They are such consummate musicians, they just get better and better; but when Thom sang Exit Music solo, the huge crowd nearly went crazy, but instead they stifled their roars and just went totally silent! You could hear every word of the song, and I could hear people around literally holding their breath, hanging on to every sound, every note! There was some break-through cheering for a few milliseconds between verses, cos people couldn't hold in their excitement, but it just died instantly when he began to sing again.. it was just electric ! I wasnt there the first night, Friday, I wouldv loved to see the rainbow! Fantastic. Cant wait to see them again. I would have liked to hear Like Spinning Plates again, but sure, maybe next time!

submitted by: Libby
9:16 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, July 07, 2008

after seening Radiohead over 12 times ,this is without doubt the best show(tour) they have done,they go from strenght to strenght,hands down the best live act on the planet ............the new stuff just exceedes you expections but at the same time gels together nicely with the other material,and to make matters even better .a new song "supercollider" and a huge f''ken rainbow on the first night made this show(both of them of course its radiohead were on about)the best I ve seen

submitted by: fearghus
5:32 AM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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