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Berlin Arena (Velodrom)
Thursday, November 13, 2003
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Thom York blew dust from the circular stadium as his gentle teasing lyrics crashed into complex guitar crescendos. He played the songs with infectious enthusiasm, and danced his way around the stage in an elfish hypnotic manor that mesmerized the multinational crowd. It was a display of sheer musical genius from the whole band and even when ditching the song Airbag after a few moments with the profound admission “it wasn’t working” they showed their composure with a tight rendition of Wolf at the Door. As my compatriots Paul and Jason observed, you know you’re watching serious musicians when racks of 25 or more guitars are waiting on stage for their moment of fame. Brilliant.

submitted by: Marius
2:13 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, November 17, 2003

My first show so I can't compare it to any else but it was really amazing and beautiful. Great "how to disapear completely"... NOTE FOR RADIOHEAD (maybe if God helps they will read it): Please, please, please - play in Poland. A lot of people came houndrads of kilometers only to see you. These all freaks which were standing and shouting in first rowes were Poles. You have so many so dedicated fans in our country which certailny would welcome you with the hottest concert atmosphere which is possible to be. Cheers!

submitted by: one of us
10:19 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, November 14, 2003

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