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Hollywood Bowl
Monday, August 25, 2008
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this show was amazing they played th elongest set of there tour 27 songss .. closing with idioteque kept everyone on their feet that was the opne song i wanted to hear all night and they saved it for last .. what a great nighy

submitted by: chadddd
4:39 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First time I ever saw Radiohead - what an amazing night. The band was in great mood and played really well. Highlihts for me are: Planet Telex (Much much better then original) Fake Plastic Trees (I nearly cried) True Love Waits/Everything - True love was a great suprise, Everything was amazing! Idiotique - an amazing closer. I'm just sorry that Paranoid Android was left out.

submitted by: Yaniv
8:49 PM [US Pacific time], Thursday, August 28, 2008

I was blessed to go see Radiohead on monday the 25. I agree that the crowd was not into it because there were not real fans. I loved it from the opening tune till the end. Radiohead is deep and I thank god for this music that I'm allowed to hear and see. This is my 5th time seeing them live and they keep getting better and better. Radiohead is simply beautiful.

submitted by: Big Mario
6:02 PM [US Pacific time], Thursday, August 28, 2008

Perfect volume, Thom freakin' out (and showing his human side), Johnny being oblivious to the crowd 'cuz he's in a groove, Colin and Phil pairing up as usual, Ed holding it together, TALK SHOW HOST... need I say More?

submitted by: Jay
7:00 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This show was a once-in-a-life_time type Radiohead show. I can't believe the "it started out slow" posts! Considering the "pre-Talk Show Host" material included Optimistic, There There, and Pyramid Song, which I was afraid we wouldn't hear because they played it Sunday. On top of everything, there was that beautiful Neil Young cover. This show was amazing. I'd seen them with the Pixies at Coachella and when they played The Greek a few years ago. Anyone "Let Down" or not totally amazed with this show needs a reality check.

submitted by: Eric
1:17 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, August 27, 2008

After two Hollywood shows and of course the Monday show I will never forget I am unfortanately getting in a car by myself..... RIGHT NOW!!!!!! and on my WAY to CHULA...... Section 103.... My detailed review will be later in the morning.... Thom, if your reading..... Plesae play Iron Lung!!!!!!! and Airbag, and no issue with another Exit Music from Sunday....and while your your at it go ahead and throw in I might be wrong.... and what about How Can You Be Sure....perhaps a little Black Star!!!!! god, I need to get a life............ please thom.... play them all and I know you read this!!! And Bring your Buddy Stipe.... I go way back with those guys too.... Life's Rich Pageant tour.... bring it!!! bw

submitted by: BW
11:35 AM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey, another groophugger on here... Monday BLEW AWAY Sunday's show. I was kind of concerned as it started off a little slow, but really picked up at Talk Show Host. Highlights: No Surprises, Fake Plastic Trees, True Love Waits (the small bit of it they did) and Karma Police. This makes the 7th Radiohead show I've been to.

submitted by: Colleen
7:09 AM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This was my 8th Radiohead show. It's hard to define gradations of the band's performance, it's always pretty close to flawless. I was brought to tears three separate times during the set - Johnny's guitar work on Talk Show Host, Thom's high note at the end of Nude, and the crowd singing along throughout Fake Plastic Trees. I've seen them on Pablo Honey, Kid A, Insomniac, Hail To the Thief, pre-In Rainbows, and now after In Rainbows, and they're consistently excellent. I do have to say that Thom's voice wasn't *perfect* on Optimistic, which worried me, so yeah, they did start a little rough for them. But hell. It's Radiohead. The setlist was absolutely the best of any other show I've seen them do. And we got Talk Show Host. See y'all on my home turf in San Diego tomorrow!

submitted by: maashu
5:22 PM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Didn't somebody once sing, "I Hate Mondays" . . . well not anymore! Great show, and yes, I agree the crowd was a bit subdued to begin with. Talk Show Host woke us all up and we were treated to a great mix of music thereafter. I had a hunch a complete Tell Me Why was coming, but did not think we'd see it until Santa Barbara (see Cinnamon Girl closer some years ago). The Idioteque finale was fun and sent a lot of people dancing into the night. More surprises in store for SD or SB? Let's hope so! Oh, loved the red pants on Thom. After seeing them, I was waiting for a cover of Seven Nation Army or for Meg to join Phil on the skins.

submitted by: ronho66
5:14 PM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ok, what is up with the downers here. Sunday was just ok and I am a huge fan of them and felt the setlist left me wanting Monday to be different. So I go Monday and they blew me away. the first 6 songs I was in heaven. But when they came back with Talk show host it was epic from there on out. Reckoner opening was great (fave new song) and planet telex was simply unreal to hear. I am head to Chula Vista tomorrow and hoping for Iron Lung, Airbag, and Go to Sleep.... Sunday: 8/10 Monday: 9.5/10 Wednesday: Fly to The Moon!! Fingers crossed....

submitted by: BW
3:10 PM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Front row tix right in front of o'brien. a dream come true! the show was amazing. they played all the songs i wanted them to play. beyond an incredible experience. Pure Bliss. and at the end i managed to get the setlist and o'brien's guitar pick! no other show will top this one.

submitted by: jeanette
2:30 PM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anyone who thought the band was flat at the start has to correct themselves. It was the crowd that was flat, not the band. They were firing on all cylinders. But they were playing to an LA crowd on a Monday night, many of whom are not hardcore fans. Also the Bowl is not conducive to high crowd energy. With all the terrace boxes close to the stage, it's meant more for picnics while listening to Bach versus shaking their lemon shakers to Reckoner. I think it's a tribute to the band that they were able to overcome the mellow crowd and get them off their butts and grooving by Talk Show Host.

submitted by: LemonshakerMike
1:21 PM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey Heransaphone I noticed that by about halfway through the show Thom, Ed and Colin were all barefoot (thank you, binoculars). Perhaps once they took their shoes off they really got down :-)

submitted by: Mariel
11:10 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sean, it was "Go Slowly". Thanks!

submitted by: Mariel
11:06 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008!?! What a setlist. My 12th show (total), and 4 songs I'd never seen live before, plus the different arrangement of almost the entire True Love Waits as an intro to EIIRP? Again, wow!

submitted by: Ron
10:04 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mariel, are you thinking of go slowly or cymbal rush? Maybe the true love waits bit? This was the best radiohead gig I have seen.

submitted by: Sean
8:58 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My 1st Radiohead concert and I get to hear those gems. Oh God, thank you Radiohead. I'm still in shock.

submitted by: Lodi
8:01 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

without a doubt one of the most powerful shows i have ever seen. i now understand how/why people are comparing them to pink floyd in a way, particularly their union of sound and light.. those hanging tubes (?) around the stage are indescribable, so i won't even bother. i had a better last night time than at either of the 2006 shows (bonnaroo and greek LA #1) but that's probably because i am a bit more familiar with their catalog now. great setlist, even without "paranoid android" - i would have never thought they'd play a cover song ("tell me why")

submitted by: MFF0RD8
5:58 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've seen the band perform 2-3 shows per tour since OK Computer and last night's show was the closest I have ever been to disappointed. Perhaps it is because they have been nothing less than absolutely perfect in the many previous shows. But something felt off for the first half of this show. The energy was low, there were rare technical errors, and most of the guys just seemed to be going through the motions (Colin being an exception). In particular was the stretch from Pyramid Song through Weird Fishes, The Gloaming, and Videotape where the show just seemed to grind down to a near halt. Nobody really seemed to be into it, including the band. I had never experienced anything like this in previous shows. Just when I started to worry, however, Talk Show Host brought everything back to life and the show took off from there. It was an entirely different show thereafter. The band seemed to find a new energy, the songs popped and sparkled, and the audience found its pulse. The Bends, National Anthem, EIIRP, and Karma Police were all spectacular highlights from the second half. In all fairness, it has been a long tour, and this was the second night in LA so maybe the band is feeling the effects of being on the road. In addition, LA must be a tough place to play. Although there are some amazing fans here, there are a lot of “fake plastic fans” in these crowds that are disrespectful, rude, and continuously talkative throughout the show. All in all, I am always appreciative of the chance to see Radiohead live, and this was no exception – even with the flaws.

submitted by: heransaphone
5:10 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Did Radiohead do a new song at this show?! They performed a ballad I have never heard before. Could have been a b-side, but I'm thinking (hoping) it was something brand new. I still cannot believe they played one of my favorite Neil Young songs. This tour is my first so maybe they have a history of doing covers but this was a wonderful surprise to me!

submitted by: Mariel
9:58 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, August 25, 2008

Tell Me Why is a Neil Young cover from the After the Gold Rush album. This was a stellar show. So glad we got The Bends. Tops last night with the exception of last night's highlights Paranoid Android and Exit Music. Colin was really into it tonight as was the whole band. 10 out of 10!

submitted by: LemonshakerMike
8:24 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, August 25, 2008

First Radiohead concert was this tour in Houston, 5/17/08 and it simply blew my mind! Every song was crystal clear, rhythms vibrating, people dancing, Idioteque almost made my brain explode! I followed them to Dallas to see my second show and again was not let down. Both times they gave 2 encores. Both times they played a similar core setlist with each city getting individual songs. Houston Extras Lucky Morning Bell The Gloaming Where I end and you Begin Climbing up the Walls Planet Telex Street Spirit I personally thought the Houston show was better but I might be biased as that was my first show ever. You may ask why is this review for the LA show? Well I'm road tripping from Texas for this show. Those lucky enough to have tickets, prepare yourself, This will change your life! Dallas Extras Bangers and Mash Dollars and Cents A Wolf at the Door Fake Plastic Trees Exit Music The Bends Paranoid Android

submitted by: Tyler13Jack
1:45 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, August 04, 2008

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