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Coliseu do Porto
Saturday, July 27, 2002
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27.7.2 6pm. You'd be forgiven for thinking the crowd outside the Coliseu do Porto were the same as yesterday. We spot a few familiar faces from the night before, but there is a definite shift in the company today: I sensed that tonight would be special. spooky. 9pm. twolaptopsandasampler looks the same but at least he double clicks some different files tonight. This time I've got a seat about 10m from the stage and the sound balance is obviously better than up front near the barrier. Maybe thats why i enjoy the support more, appreciating his selection of samples. Still its a welcome site seeing him shut down his VAIOs only because we know whats coming next... 10pm. The 'head are back, with a force. 'There, there' really is a kicking song, a rollicking start to the evening and i was right, the crowd are up for a big night tonight. They lap up every new song, the list of which has changed since last night. I'd been looking forward to 'Punch Up at a Wedding' ever since i heard the title, but its not what the title immediately suggests! A veritably slow number in fact. A high point is when Johnny heads for his flashing sci fi console to steer the starship Radiohead through 'Sit Down, Stand Up'. It should also be noted that Colin was on something tonight, a fixed grin on his face and bouncing round like a [lovable] idiot. Whereas last night i felt i connected on a cosmic level with Thom and Johnny, tonight I'm partying with Colin and the ever good-looking-despite-seeming-to-do-little-on-stage Ed. I'm always partying on a cosmic level with Phil. The set list has been expertly judged tonight when they pull out Paranoid Android right on cue, then follow it with Idioteque. Crikey, we were bouncing off the walls by that time (sic)! They play the usual trick of wandering off stage one by one as 'everything in its right place' retreats, but tonight we're not letting them off that easily. They've played us like puppets and we're hungry for more - 3 encores more. The now traditional rendition of 'Ole, ole, ole, ole' by the crowd seems to do the trick, and for the second encore Thom accompanies us on piano! They then give a wonderfully haunting performance of 'We Suck Young Blood', actually quite a beautiful song, before their intended exit music [sic], 'Karma Police'. But oh no. I knew tonight was special. The set lists on stage said that the gig was over, but every single body including those on stage were having too good a time. "This is gonna be a nasty shock..." said Thom. And as I looked around the Colisue do Porto, everyone on their feet, not wanting, just happy to be in the presence of those on stage, I knew this night could never be bettered. I do belong here.

submitted by: Roy Shearer
6:54 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, May 04, 2004

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