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Parkbühne Wulheide
Tuesday, July 08, 2008
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i met this girl named chin-chi (who was going to this show as well) on the train over from copenhagen to berlin. she said that she had seen them play at this venue last on september 11, 2001... and that thom was explaining things to the audience but they didn't catch much... so, before they started the verniable "my iron lung", thom mentions that the last time they were there, it was 9-11! and he sadi, "and i remember playing this song." anyway, it was rianing off and on, but it was warm enough for a t-shirt and poncho "it wouldn't be a radiohead gig without some rain" quipped thommy... last funny thing... CYMBAL RUSH!!! thom comes out alone to play it and screws it up twice... gets a shout out from the audience, and replys, "well then you come up here and fuckin' play it!" kinda amazing.

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10:12 PM [US Pacific time], Friday, July 18, 2008

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