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The Avalon
Friday, October 08, 1993


Radiohead played this show which I think was part of a local radio station show (probably WFNX or WBCN in Boston). Belly, Tanya Donelly's band after Throwing Muses, was also on the bill. I was completely underwhelmed by Radiohead, if you can believe that. Creep was big on the radio at the time, but even that song didn't really click. Thom was still finding himself as a frontman and seemed to trying to act too much like Mick Jagger. I found them to be mostly forgettable. What a stunning difference from one of their more recent shows I've been to (2008) which ranks among the finest performances of any band I've ever seen.

submitted by: Steve
3:30 PM [US Pacific time], Thursday, August 28, 2008

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