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The Avalon
Saturday, April 13, 1996

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What a stunning, stunning show. After Fake Plastic Trees, they came back for the encore and Tom said that since the radio simulcast was over, they would play some new stuff - and did with an early version of "Electioneering". The final song of the night was "The Bends", where very drunk support act David Gray decided to bounce around the stage and sing backup, much to the band's amusement. What an incredible show - definitely in my top three ever, by any band.

submitted by: John
9:18 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My first Radiohead experience and still maybe the best (though the 10/10/03 and 10/9/08 shows were amazing) simply because of the small venue (my brother and I were three rows (it was all GA but you know what I mean) back from the band) and the energy of the group (at this point just a pure rock and roll band). I swear that My Iron Lung sounded like the greatest, heaviest song ever and it only got better (even 12 years later I can still remember how "big" Planet Telex, Creep, Just and FPT were). Anyone who was there will remember this experience forever. Simply awesome.

submitted by: Andrew
11:05 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, August 11, 2008

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