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Earls Court
Thursday, November 27, 2003
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"Im not here............this isnt happening..." This was my first ever Radiohead gig, and hopefully the first of many. Just half a year ago I thought nothing of Radiohead. Well apart from thinking that they were a depressing bunch of snobs. In short 'creep' got me into Radiohead as Im sure it did many of you. After getting tickets two months back Ive been going crazy about the 27th. I was so expectant of Radiohead to deliver everything I saw at Glastonbury and then some, I could have been dissapointed. Thank god they delivered. The slower songs, Sail to the Moon, Like Spinning Plates, How to Dissapear Completely were performed so perfectly, Thoms voice was better than I had expected. No Surprises was great too, as was Exit Music. The best song on the night for me was Idioteque, Thom went crazy and I managed to find some space to dance in myself. The only problem was that Johnny's guitar wasnt very clear where we were, you had to listen carefully. Johnny was cetainly overshadowed by his older brother, Colin on the night. I dont think I saw his fish like face once, he seems so shy. During We Suck Young Blood, Colin directed the clapping of a rather thick audience to create the most enduring memory of the night - 10,000 people clapping along to an anthem which vampires like me can really relate. Im really hoping Radiohead do an EP, should me more touring sooner rather than later. I for one am hoping for Gangstar Rap.

submitted by: Keith Chegwin
10:36 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, November 28, 2003

My first time seeing Radiohead live, it was incredible,they were fantastic and the atmosphere was unreal. A truely memorable performance.

submitted by: Joy
2:34 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, November 28, 2003

I was completely hoarse by the time we got to 'No Surprises'. Then as I was catching my breath and getting a second wind we got that opening rift of 'Just' and we were heaving again. Whatever misgivings Thom has about playing 'Creep' will be forgotten if each performance is as well received as it was last night - classic Radiohead!

submitted by: John
11:27 PM [US Pacific time], Thursday, November 27, 2003

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