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Saturday, November 22, 2003
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This was my fourth time seeing Radiohead, and although it was a relatively mellow set, it was still Radiohead-tastic! The backdrop of multi-coloured light strips, which they used at glastonbury, gave a great atmosphere and scene for a gig. Songs from the new album sounded great, and the others from the OK! Computer and Bendz days always bring the house down. I really like what Radiohead do with some of the old songs now - quite different to the originals, and the "snort snort" at the end of 'gucci little piggy' was sweet. Jonny also had a new favourite effect for his guitar, which he used alot, but i didnt think it did anything for the way the music sounds. Everything in its right place is always a great way to end the set, and of course karma police, street spirit, exit music and lucky (the most frequent song played live) were special :P moments! Can't argue with a great evening's entertainment, although Supergrass would have been a much preferred support act!

submitted by: Alex Sykes
11:13 PM [US Pacific time], Monday, November 24, 2003

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