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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
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Stephan from NL - Super audio quality mixed with a genuis lightshow made such an impact on me. It was my best concert ever. With special thanks to the audience who contributed so much 'vibe' towards the show. I wish the night endured endlessly. Thank you, RADIOHEAD!

submitted by: stephan
8:46 AM [US Pacific time], Sunday, November 23, 2003

It was sooo amazing... I was really astouned by the performance did by Radiohead. This set was so well constructed. Old-New, it had everything. Even better than compared with shows they gave before this one. It simply blew my head off. Thanks for a memorable evening. A gig with an impact!!

submitted by: Joey
10:06 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, November 19, 2003

this is the second time this year..finding myself or better losing myself in the beautiful tension of radiohead's live performance..And this time was even better than the werchter concert, in july, could that be? What is it?.. is it the intrusive soundscape in I might be wrong, backdrifts, idiotheque and other new rock-dance hybrid? Or the astonishing beautifuful melodies in scatterbrain, lucky, exit music and fake plastic trees...? Quite remarkable that this show last night in the Gelredome was in fact the cohereny of the performance: Even the songs from the bends fitted very good in the greater whole of that mysterieus impact these guys can have on you. Far from just "academic" or (to put an other extreme) "sentimental" music! The only thing I 'regret' is..My remembrance of this concert leaks and lacks, because I was lost in the music.

submitted by: ralph tinnemans
9:41 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Radiohead - a band you can dance to ?!?! What a fantastic show, a mix of songs from the latest album, and some old favourites thrown in for good measure. 24 songs, 2 hours, great value. The sound was superb, the drumming machine-like, the bass-lines throbbing, moments for jonny to show us what he can do, and the right amount of squelchy electronics. Exit music (for a film) sounded brilliant, it's always been a favourite but last night it was majestic. The light show and video walls were put to good use, and added to the overall effect. Another plus was thom's dancing, also his voice sounded brilliant. "phew for a minute there i lost myself" FOREVER

submitted by: Lemony_Jim
7:38 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, November 19, 2003

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