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Camden Underworld
Tuesday, September 01, 1992


I was at this show. I think I still have the flyer. My memory is that this show took place on the Monday right after the Nirvana's headline slot at the Reading Festival. The main act on the night was Athens GA power poppers Magnapop. Radiohead, who were terrible that night, were on second and an obscure outfit called Medici Slot Machine were on first. They played Creep and Anyone Can Play Guitar and about 8-9 other songs. I remember crawling over the drumkit after show to get a Magnapop setlist, sadly I pass on the Radiohead one because they were just so bad. I met the boys and girl of Radiohead and Magnapop in the tiny dressing room afterward. They all completed pissed-up and totally miserable (it wasn't a great show, after all).

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1:12 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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