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Brooklyn Academy of Music
Tuesday, October 14, 2003

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it was um... interesting! i was pretty cool! the first half was strictly modern dance with music composed by someone i never heard of. the music was cool, but i dont think i really understood the dance. after intermission, radiohead came on. they were tons of fun! they cam equipped all sorts of gadgets, and synthesizers, pedals, sound boards, a couple of powerbooks and a mic. their music was alot of fun, i dont know if it really worked with the dance routine (not that i was watching the dance routine all that much), but they definitly lost themselves in what they were doing, which was great for me, but im not sure how the modern dance fans felt about it. they were dancing all around, it was funny! sigur ros stole the show though! i think that kind of thing is way much more up their alley. their music was beautiful, and went great with the performance! in radtiohead's defense, i think that it was much less of a challenge for them. if they music that sigur ros composed were to appear on their next album, no one would ever assume that it was originally a 'score'. radiohead's was way outa their norm. but it was a wonderful night, and a very surreal experience. i saw them after the show, but they didnt seem to be in the greatest of moods, either that or they were really high (which is plausible). said a few words to thom, he was cute about it. it fucking was awesome.

submitted by: daniela
5:04 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, October 15, 2003

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