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Piazzale Michelangelo
Wednesday, July 09, 2003
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Florence 9/7/2003 I am a big fan of Radiohead just for about a year so this was my first Radiohead live experience. It was really a great gig if I compare it to the ones i saw on TV. Thom was in a really good mood and he was doing that funny laughing that he already did on this tour. I came to Florence from Slovenia, because it was the nearest gig Slovenian fans could go to. The most passionate Italian fans were sleeping in front of the scene after the 8-7-2003 concert and in the morning they were first in the line for the concert. We came to Florence with bus at 15.00 and I went to the line immediately so I was really near the stage. Show started at 21.30 and it was incredible. In the middle of There there Jonny stopped playing drums and played a guitar for a while, but then played drums again. Thom’s voice was breath-taking as always and Jonny was really showing his geniality while playing guitar. They played Just which crowd loves very much. The Idioteque was good as always, Thom was jumping and dancing all the time. Thom dedicated Go to sleep to all that can sleep no matter what and then said: I'd bet you can't. He made a mistake while singing Karma police, he sang : arrest this girl, but then quickly sang : I've given all I can... It was really funny, because the crowd noticed it and everybody started laughing and so did Thom. When the band went off the stage at the end of concert, Thom came back and just sang along with us the best part of Karma police again: Phew, for a minute then, I've lost myself... then said : ''goodbye everybody, thank you so much for coming this evening, grazie (thank you in Italian) !'', and then left the stage. Matic Kocijančič

submitted by: Matic Kocijančič
3:09 AM [US Pacific time], Sunday, July 04, 2004

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