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Saturday, August 23, 1997

TRUELOVE, cbagh500, iamwormbuffet,

The first show I saw on the Computer tour and a very good one at that. Teenage Fanclub & the Dandy Warhols opened up, it was a beautiful summer night and the show was outdoors... Polyethelene, Talk Show Host, Banana Co... what's not to love?

submitted by: John
9:21 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dandy Warhols also played. Tickets were $ 20.00. Last 5 songs were encores. Band left the stage after STREET SPIRIT and the house lights came up. A good chunk of the crowd just would not leave or stop cheering and all of a sudden the band cameback out,lights down and we got an amazing BANANA CO to close it out. During JUST a very fucked up goth type jumped up on his seat. He was yelled at and got down and seconds later produced a razor blade and cut his wrist. Bloody but not fatal, he was escorted out by security and to medical. Dude's pupils were big black saucers, he was good and messed up! I recorded this show, my first radiohead concert, and it was a magic night all around.

submitted by: John Bernhard
7:14 AM [US Pacific time], Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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