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Liberty State Park
Thursday, August 16, 2001
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My first show, all I can remeber was they blew me away...from the moment of the opening chords of "National Anthem" to the explosion of "The Bends", I was hooked! The shattered imagery film of randomness along with the stage lighting design was perfect as it complimented the backdrop of the NYC skyline. At one point, I think it was during "You and Whose Army?", Thom became playful and was shoving his face into the fisheye camera mounted on his little keyboard, which of course, made Thom's head look giant on the screen behind the band! Everyone in the crowd had a good laugh. I think he may have also mentioned the uniqueness of performing with the Manhattan skyline in the background...little did many of us know, less than one month later, that skyline would be altered in catastrophic proportions...

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