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Hollywood Bowl
Thursday, September 25, 2003
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i cant say enough... just... amazing!!!

submitted by: Geoff Shively
8:32 PM [US Pacific time], Wednesday, October 01, 2003

really really amazing show--I was hoping they would play I Will, and they did! which is rare. my favorites: backdrifts, idioteque, national anthem, 2+2=5, myxomatosis, like spinning plates, karma police, and everything in its right place. really great play list- and a really smooth and AWESOME ending. sad they didn't play creep--but we got karma police! thom's dancing was insanely beautiful YEAHHH!

submitted by: LEELA
7:19 PM [US Pacific time], Friday, September 26, 2003

This was the fifth Radiohead show that I have attended and they just get better each time. Lurgee is my favorite Radiohead song and I didn't think that they would play it since they performed it at the previous show in Mountain View. Then low and behold, it's magnificent sound and simple, yet, meaningful lyrics made their way across the Bowl. What an amazing moment! The rest of the show was brilliant. Thom's energetic dancing and the light show were spectacular. Hoping to make it to San Diego. This time (and from now on) I am trying for pit tickets, since the general crowd seemed not into it. Thank you Radiohead!

submitted by: Cub
5:16 PM [US Pacific time], Friday, September 26, 2003

This was my first Radiohead show ever and I was completely blown away. I could not believe I could have such an amazing experience in such a large venue, but the guys pulled it off. Being able to hear Myxomatosis and Street Spirit sent me through the roof. I am excited beyond words to be able to see them again for the Friday show.

submitted by: Amanda
7:04 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, September 26, 2003

I was in the pool right up against the metal gate. The drumming for There There set a perfect mood for the rest of the set. Thom's dancing and "pantomime" during Myxomatosis was so charismatic and intense that I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Airbag and Paranoid Android played in such proximity were practically euphoric. Idioteque was spectacular. The National Anthem suffered slightly without trumpet. Both encores were amazing. Coming back on stage we were sure the piano was set for "Pyramid Song," but Thom played "Like Spinning Plates" and it was almost unbelievable. Punch up at a wedding was beautiful. Came back out for Karma Police (Thom repeated the first chorus during the second one, and then smiled and shook his head) and finished with Everything In Its Right Place in which Jonny and Ed were the last onstage fiddling with the pedals. It was over, but it didn't seem over. But it was the best thing I'd ever seen in my life. Going again tonight. cheers.

submitted by: Anderson
6:50 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, September 26, 2003

I enjoyed last night's show immensely. Seeing Thom Yorke "dance" made my night. Airbag followed by Paranoid Android sent me off the edge. Sit Down, Stand Up was also amazing. And I was further astonished by the encore of Street Spirit(Fade Out). I didn't even mind the bum rush and parking dilemma after the show--yes, I enjoyed it that much. Can't wait for round 2 tonight! Absolutely brilliant. Keep dancing for me Thom!!!

submitted by: Michelle Chow
5:30 AM [US Pacific time], Friday, September 26, 2003

fucking amazing show. i had garden box seats.. supergrass sounded great. i didn't think beforehand i would get into it, but i did alittle. great opener. radiohead...........................................................................................................they played most of the songs i wanted to hear.. LUCKY!@ fuck i nearly choked. myxomatosis had a lot of energy in it. got everyone moving. airbag and paranoid android..kicked ass sail to the moon..was alright. disapointed that not many people were into it. the gloaming was really fun. really nice feeling..bass surge. idioteque..everyone went nuts for this national fucking anthem. enough said. exit music (for a film) my highlight for the night. i was hoping they'd play this one. this is among my top few favourites. like spinning plates was nice. street spirit (fade out) another fav. karma police. really enjoyed this one. & everything in its right place. im glad they closed with this. sounds really really awesome live. but i kinda wish they did how to disappear completely also..

submitted by: ryan
9:15 PM [US Pacific time], Thursday, September 25, 2003

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