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UMB Bank Pavillion
Sunday, August 24, 2003
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did anyone catch the telephone number read out towards the end of the show? It's 636.....

submitted by: Sol R.
9:35 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, August 25, 2003

This was an amazing show, the first time i've ever seen Radiohead live. I think its very sad to know that i'll probably never see them in anything less than an ampitheatre. I'm not used to seeing bands at such a distance, and i wasn't even on the lawn! also: clearchannel, to my understanding, is a corporate radiostation conglomerate that basically controls playlists of stations that it owns. "its a real shame that we're here playing for clearchannel. but oh well, i guess that was our decision. ..its for your benefeit, not theirs." -thom

submitted by: mike
7:41 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, August 25, 2003

this show was amazing, im so glad i was able to get my hands on some tickets to go. ideoteque was just insane...i loved it. i was wondering one thing tho. what was the whole thing with thom and clearchannel? he seemed to really hate them

submitted by: BP
3:03 AM [US Pacific time], Monday, August 25, 2003

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